Stop……. Do you know who is your customer??- An Illustrated guide to attracting your customer.

Billions of dollars have been wasted on marketing and branding by companies that couldn’t possibly work, no matter how clever or brilliant, or how big the budget. Many companies believe that if they just spend a high marketing budget, they can build a great brand.

In most cases, companies attempt to build a brand with advertising. They only spill money into different channels and show their logo to the utmost number of eyeballs possible. But is it possible to create a brand just with advertising?

To be honest, advertising has lost its effectiveness. Simply because a brand’s logo is everywhere in the place, it doesn’t mean people will remember it, let alone have any emotions attached to it. There is too much noise with advertisements and people are tired of ads. In this day and age, building an excellent brand is feasible without advertising.

You might already realize brands that became household names without advertising. Are you able to consider a couple of names? Brands like Google, LinkedIn, Xerox & Zoom, etc. haven’t spent money on advertising to create their brand. They always focused on user engagement and creating an honest brand experience.

So how does one avoid making mistakes in the first place? The straightforward answer is to make sure your programs are in tune with the law of marketing. Although we’ve defined our ideas and concepts under the “marketing” banner, they’re useful regardless of what products or services your company sells.

What is this marketing law? During this article, I’m going to mention how marketing is predicated on science (Set of rules), not creativity. Why you would like to find out and master in marketing, how communication skill is key for marketing. Why got to learn marketing not only digital marketing. What a direct response marketing impact on your overall branding, CATT marketing funnel, and personal branding and integrated digital marketing is vital for your business.

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Fundamental of Marketing?

Many people believe that the basic issue in marketing s convincing prospects that you have a better product or services. Not True, If you have a small market share and you have to do battle with larger, better-financed competitors, then your marketing strategy was probably faulty in the first place. You violated the first law of marketing.

The basic issue in marketing is creating a category you can be first in. It’s the law of leadership. It’s better to be first, it is to be better. It’s much easier to get into the mind first than to try to convince someone you have a better product than the one that did get there first.

You can demonstrate the law of leadership by asking yourself two questions:

1)What’s the name of the first person to fly the Atlantic Ocean solo? Charles Lindbergh, right?

2)What’s the name of the second person to fly the Atlantic Ocean solo? Not so easy to answer, is it?

The second person to fly the Atlantic Ocean solo was Bert Hinkler. Bert was a better pilot than Charlie-He Flew faster, he consumed less fuel. Yet who has ever heard of Bert Hinkler?

In spite of the evident superiority of the Lindbergh approach, most companies go the Bert Hinkler route. They wait until a market develops. Then they jump in with a better product, often with their corporate name attached. In today’s competitive environment, I produce a line extension name with little hope of becoming a big, profitable brand.

The leading brand in any category is almost always the first brand in the prospect’s mind. Herts in rent a car. IBM in the computer, Coca Cola in cola.

Basic Rules of Marketing:

  • Marketing is based on science, not creativity.
  • Marketing starts before creating the products, It starts with understanding the customer and customer’s need that leads to creating a product that fits.
  • Marketing is about sending the right message to the right person at the right time.
  • Marketing is not just selling, it is also about keeping an existing customer happy by communicating with them so that they can remain a customer for life.

# Mass Trust (Creating trust in strange people)

  • Marketing means to an end the purpose of marketing is to build a brand and capture position in the minds of customers.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer well and the product or service fits him and sells itself. The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” — — “Peter Druker”

  • Marketing is a game of perceptions. Product let rooted in reality. Nevermore is important than the product a great product sells itself.

Component of Marketing: Advertising, Copyright, Sale

Important of communication Skills for Marketing

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Marketing basically is a process or an activity of creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging products and services to the customers, clients, and society at large. It involves various activities that are performed by organizations in order to sell their goods and services to the customers. Communication can be defined as a process of exchanging information from one person to another through an effective medium of exchange.

If we analyze, both of these words are closely related to each other. Marketing is principally about communication. Communication is the only key through which the marketers can spread the word about their products to the customers.

Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

If a product is generic with extensive targeting — TV ads can reach Millions at a low cost For eg- Lux Soap, Tata Salt, etc their target audience is mass so TV ads are the best platform.

Now tv ads and digital marketing reach are nearly the same after Jio entered into the marketing and mobile data prices are low every single person using the web connection with smartphone and its major effect after covid-19 situation everything is online now people are working online (Virtual connects).

Digital marketing is the best medium to reach the affluent English-speaking population in India with a spending power of -100 Million users.

CATT Funnel

Well, content is the center of the marketing-verse. Without content, you can’t do marketing on any channel. Content forms the foundation of every marketing campaign.

Want better ROI on Marketing?

Content marketing can help you.

Content lubricates your user journey from the first touchpoint (finding out about your brand) to becoming a premium customer and advocate of your brand.

I call it C.A.T.T. — Content, Attention, Trust & Transaction.

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Wealth =n ^ CATT

Where ^ denotes power. Where your niche (n) will be successful and powerful with the CATT you will apply.

N — stands for Niche. The unique no.1 offering you have for your audience.

C — stands for Content. Create useful content, blogs, emails, videos, podcasts, webinars, posts, and much more to generate leads.

A — stands for Attention, pulling traffic to your content. Also through social media ads etc.

T — stands for Trust. Personalize your communication in emails.

T — stands for Transaction. Convert leads into customers.

When you have good quality content that helps your users and solves a problem for them, you are getting more attention from them and it gives you an opportunity to build trust.

You are reading these words right now and you are paying attention to me. In the background, your trust level with me is also going up. This trust can be leveraged to convince you to make a transaction with me.

When I have something to sell, you will pay attention to me because you trust me.

Integrated Digital Marketing

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People generally focus on one or two or hardly three techniques of digital marketing but if you really wanna grow at exceptional levels then you have to use all the techniques together in an integrated way.

Each module like Content Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing is powerful on its own, but once they are combined in a unique way, its power goes up exponentially. It creates a High effect that’s unstoppable.

Integrated Digital Marketing is the art and craft of using all the digital marketing methods available today in such a way that every digital marketing channel complements the opposite by playing its strengths instead of trying to succeed in the goal of accelerating revenues and customer base on its own. Investment of your time, energy, and money in building an integrated digital marketing process for your business are like investing in a piece of machinery that can magically multiply the effectiveness of every component in it.

Some of the common digital marketing methods are:

  1. Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
  2. Search Engine Optimization (Organic Traffic)
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Digital Display Marketing
  6. Content Marketing

Personal Branding

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Personal branding is the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their industry, elevating their credibility, and differentiating themselves from the competition, to ultimately advance their career, increase their circle of influence, and have a larger impact — — “Wikipedia”

The best known Will always beat the best, People want to hear from people not from brands.

“Elon Musk has the biggest following than space X and Tesla.

#Mass Trust Blueprint


Your uniqueness and creativity help you to stand out from your competitor.

The key to building a successful brand and becoming truly influential is to consistently show

up and be so great at selling your story that people have to do business with you.

Now, go show up and serve your audience in every way possible and show them that you are worth investing in.

When you do that, it will be a game-changer for your brand.

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