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The COVID-19 outbreak has slowed us all down. Our day-to-day do not look similar. We’re all either self-quarantined, in lockdowns, or slowly, yet skeptical beginning to resume our regular lives. The new normal has changed and for tons of folks, it’s not almost not having the ability to move out or being afraid of it. It’s also about our businesses. It’s also about our jobs.

Digital Transformation within the e-commerce and retail sectors has been accelerated by COVID-19 – many more people are making purchase decisions online.

There’s still an opportunity to succeed despite the layoffs, pay cuts, and furloughs. And that opportunity lies in starting an online store & eCommerce business.

So I have decided to do a live 10- days training program where you can create your own eCommerce store and how to promote your product online and convert it into sales.

ecommerce creation -10 daysMy goal is to help you guys get started from scratch, find high-quality products to promote and launch your first FB Ads and get your first sales. Here’s what we’re going to cover:

Module 1: How to Plan Your eCommerce Journey
Module 2: How to Create an eCommerce Brand
Module 3: How to Organize Your Products in Your Online Store
Module 4: How to Design a Professional-Looking Online Store
Module 5: How to Create Must-Have Pages for Your Online Store
Module 6: How to Setup Payments & Ship Orders
Module 7: How to Prepare the Launch Of Your Online Store
Module 8 – How to Market your products
Module 9 -Customer Support Setup
Module 10 -Business Email

The price of this challenge is INR 999/ and it’s only limited to the first 50 people.

If you join this course above all the module and plus bonus module you will get and in that guide you how to promote your business online and get the sales.

Module 11- Bonus (Market your product)

The challenge starts on 15th June 2021 to 25th June and spots close on 30th May midnight or whenever the 50 spots are claimed.

Let’s create your success story; together.

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Who’s this course for?

Beginners starting from scratch who need a clear direction on how to launch their first online store
Students wanting to generate extra income while going to school
​☑Stay-at-home parents looking to create a new source of income for their family
☑​Local businesses wanting to attract new customers by selling their products online for the first time
​Ecommerce store owners who want to improve their online store for better sales & conversions
​Retired people want to supplement their monthly retirement income by selling products
​☑Anyone who simply wants to learn a new skill that can potentially help them launch an online business in the future.

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